Including Pets in Photos

Photography is a passion for us at CanvasWorld, and we love giving tips about how to use light, how to take great photos of your kids, and how to use colors to bring out the best in your photography subjects. Today we jump into pet photography, because a family photo wouldn’t be complete without your pet! You won′t be able to resist a smile when you watch this fun video about Pet Photography from CanvasWorld:

Including Pets in Photos

Document Your Growing Family One minute you have a baby, and the next minute your kids are going through huge milestones! We love using your pets to document these moments because they are moments you’ll remember forever. Take this photo for example. It’s such a simple photo, but so sweet. c9b156e3c8c3bb0bc920a7371a2ec615 Source: Clickin Moms   Natural Interactions Children interact better with their pets than any static prop. Including your pet will give you the opportunity to take great photos of your kids interacting with their dog, cat, or even bunny rabbit! We love the series of photos with this little one and his pet bunny. 22bd5497cbe8c6ac996c3254436c0af6 Source: Onto Baby Source: Jennifer Dell Photography   A Real Representation Pets in family photos represent the real day to day life you have with your kids and family.  We love this photo with this young girl and her puppy. You can tell how real their affection is, and it is adorable. 33126195c78c346fec62a598fc40dc03

Source: Jennifer Dell Photography:


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3 Ways to Include Props in Photos

If you’re an aspiring photographer, then it’s important to keep your photos fresh and new. Maybe you’re looking for a few creative ideas, and today we give you 3 of the best ways to include props in photos. These tips will help your photos look natural, and spice up your photography skills.

3 Ways to Include Props in Photos

The details in photos are important, and if you’re just starting your journey as an aspiring photographer – or just love to take photos of your kids – then props are a great way to add a little something extra to your photos. If you know your kids and family, then it will be easy to include things that are most important to them, whether it’s toys or accessories, to really let their personalities shine through.


Pick Your Child’s Favorite Toy

Whether it’s a stuffed toy, a doll, or even a truck or a car, use your child’s favorite toy to enhance your photos. Because they already love their toy, it will be easier to make the interaction look authentic.

kids toy prop

Source: Lorraine Murphy Photography


Keep It Authentic

You want your photos to look real – so be sure that you’re posing with props that are real.  If your son loves flying, for example, you could use a prop as simple as a paper airplane.

Look at the magic it creates!

plane prop

Source: Chubby Cheeks Photography


Family Props

Another great idea is to use family props that will create wonderful memories for years to come.

family props

Source: The Pinning Mama


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Tips for Great 4th of July Family Photos

Tips for Great 4th of July Family Photos

The 4th of July is one of the best times of the year to get family together for a BBQ, a day at the beach, or to watch your local parade. It also happens to be a perfect time to take some snaps of the family!

So today, CanvasWorld gives you our top tips for taking great family photos for this 4th of July. The key is to plan your outfits, remember lighting, and remember to have fun!

Solid Bright Clothing
When taking photos, remember that solid bright colors work best. Luckily for this holiday, you can take great photos while proudly wearing your red and blue!

solid bright colors

Get in Front of a Flag!
If you didn’t get a chance to coordinate clothing – don’t worry! There are plenty of American flags waving proud.  Get in front of a flag, and it will make a perfect backdrop for a family photo.


Avoid Busy Patterns 
Because there are stars and stripes on this holiday, be careful not to over do it! If the kids are wearing stars and stripes, then keep to solid colors. We love what this family did!

avoid busy patterns

Natural Lighting
Whether on a sofa or the front steps, good natural light is key. Since you’re likely to be enjoying the day off with the family, take the time to use natural light to your advantage!

natural light

Get Your Subjects Engaged
Remember that the best photos are the ones that show your family having fun, or sharing a moment. Be sure to engage your kids, whether it’s giving them a hug, or getting them to run on the beach.  Happiness and love are always secret ingredients to making a good photo great.
capture a moment


If you need more inspiration, be sure to visit our latest Pinterest inspiration board: 4th of July Family Photos.

Thanks for reading our tips. We are wishing everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July!!

4 Newborn Photography Tips

Babies are beautiful and if you have kids of your own, you know how important it is to capture this very brief time in their lives. Newborn photography can be tricky though, and today we will give you a few tips and ideas for taking the best photos of your newborn baby.

4 Newborn Photography Tips

The goal of these photos is to capture the sweet innocence and serenity of your newborn. Regardless of who′s photographing baby – a professional or just the parents at home – take these four pro-tips into your planning for the photo session.

1. Use fluffy pillows, blankets, beanbags or rugs

Pose your baby on a fluffy beanbag, a furry rug or a soft bed.  This will create such a and comforting setting that hopefully they will sleep right through the shoot. Cuddle them up in sweet, textured blankets, and make sure they are warm. These photos always turn out the best!

newborn fluffy blanket

newborn textured blanket


3. Natural light from windows or doors works best

There is something about natural light in photography that really brings out the character in your baby’s expression. Be sure that there is as much light coming into the windows as possible.  You might need to notice when the lighting is best in the room where you are shooting.

newborn natural light


3. Include Siblings

Don’t be afraid to get the siblings involved! If you’ve got an older brother or older sister, be sure to capture the two together. This is their first time having the responsibility of being an older sibling, and these moments are often times precious.

newborn sibling photo


4. Props

Last, but certainly not least, don’t be afraid to use props! This is one of our favorite tips. Babies are so adorable when they are this small, and you can include baseballs, books, a small stuffed animal, cute hats, or anything else that might be important to your family!

newborn photo prop


For more ideas, be sure to check out our Newborn Photography inspiration board on Pinterest!

6 Hang and Display Ideas

At CanvasWorld, we’re more than just about creating canvases… We want to help you build memories in your home, and this ranges from how you take the photo to how you display your wall art. Today, we give you our top 6 favorite ways to hang and display wall art in your very own home. Some of the ideas are DIY, and some are a matter of measuring to get the dimensions just right. Take a look below!

6 Hang and Display Ideas

1. Canvas Collage

The canvas collage is perfect – especially if you have a family. Take your best family photos, create different sized canvases, and then display them against one of the most prominent walls in your home. You can choose color, black and white, or even a combination – like the example below! We adore canvas collages!

canvas collage

2. Rustic DIY Photo Hanger

For those of you who love DIY projects, here is a very cute idea. Take a peace of reclaimed wood or driftwood, and then hang string or yarn from the wood. Once that’s done, hang photos from the string, and you’ve instantly created a rustic look to display photos. Plus, you can easily change out the photos when you get new ones!


 3. Shelves

We love shelves because they are an easy way to layer and give a completely different shape to your wall. Take a look at the example below. We love this because you can use all different colors and shapes of frames. Try it out!


4. Layered Frames

Layering your fames is a neat idea too. Although it might sound a little different, look at what  they did here. The images inside the frames are relatively small, yet it works perfectly. We love the balance and effect!

Layered frames

5. Low Hanging Pictures

Low hanging pictures are a great way to create a whole wall that is dedicated to your memories. This old school technique can be completely re-imagined as they did in the example below, and we really dig it!

low hanging pictures

6. Curtain Pole

If you’re worried about putting a million holes in your wall…. then think about using a curtain pole. This idea is a very cute and practical way to avoid ruining your walls, while still having the ability to display your amazing wall art!

Curtain pole

6. Creative Frames

Last, but certainly not least: creative frames. You might think that using the same color frame is the best way to go, but why not change it up a bit? Here’s a great example of how you can use different frames and wall art to create a completely different look for your living room.

Creative frames

If you are needing more inspiration for you home decoration, be sure to visit our Pinterest page. We love posting new ideas around patterns, design and home decor. To see our Hang & Display Pinterest board, simply click the link and have fun!

Family Photo Ideas

May is here and it’s time to start thinking about family photos you’ll be taking this summer. If you’ve already had the opportunity to take great family photos in time for Mother’s Day, this is a great gift idea for mom to warm up her home! If not, we’re going to teach you how to take great family photos to capture the most precious moments with your loved ones.

Family Photo Ideas

The best reason for taking family photos is to capture a moment of happiness between you and your family. Having a calm and relaxed photo shoot with your kids is not always the easiest task, but to keep a very natural feeling, the key is planning. Before going into a family photo shoot, be sure to plan all of the details from the clothing, to lighting, to how you’d like to stand or sit.

Family Photo Ideas
Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Solid bright clothing colors work best
  • Avoid busy patterns or positions
  • Whether on a sofa or the front steps, good natural light is key.
  • Get your subjects engaged with each other!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is around the corner, and this is a wonderful idea to give your mom. To find more information on the canvas options, as well as pricing, be sure to visit our website.

Plus, if you’re looking for inspiration for mom, check out our latest Pinterest board, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.


Give a Memory this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about telling someone you love them – your parents, your wife, your husband, your kids, and even your friends! At CanvasWorld, we specialize in helping you create memories that will last forever in your home.

So this Valentine’s Day, why not give a memory?

Give a Memory this Valentine's Day

Give a Memory this Valentine’s Day

Personalized gifts are the best way to show your loved ones how much you truly care about them. Did you recently get married? Are you having a wedding anniversary? Did you take amazing photos on your honeymoon? Or maybe even you had your first child!

There is always an occasion that you can turn into the perfect memory. You can use family portraits, engagement or wedding photos, memorable vacation shots and much more into beautiful canvas prints for your home.

Plus, did you know that you can turn your Instagram photo into a canvas?

Give a Memory this Valentine's Day


Give a Memory this Valentine's Day

Not sure how to make a canvas print? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Upload a photo.
  2. Choose your canvas size and picture placement.
  3. Place your order and your custom canvas will be on it’s way to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day from CanvasWorld!

Holiday Gift Ideas 2013

As the holidays are quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re giving your family and friends for the holidays! Here at CanvasWorld, we love to change the entire look and feel of a room. Afterall, that’s what we do best!

The other thing that we really love is helping you give awesome gifts to your friends and family that are really personal. So today, we’re going to help you with a few canvas gift ideas.

canvasworld holidays

Holiday Gift Ideas 2013

The holidays are about sharing memories with your loved ones and what a better way than creating a custom canvas? Custom canvases can be anything that you imagine! Below are some of our favorite ideas.

Wedding Canvases

Did someone you know recently get married? Why not take one of their best photos and turn them into a beautiful canvas that they can include in their bedroom, office or living room. Here’s a great shot below. We love this because it brings such a personal touch to your home.

Take a look at the image below. The image was taken from our Workspace Inspiration Pinterest board.



 Photos of Your Kids

If someone you love just had a baby, then you know that this first moments with the baby are precious. Take some of the baby’s first photos and turn them into a canvas. Parents love these gifts because these

The image was taken from our Nursery Ideas Pinterest board.



Family Shots

Did your family take a vacation this year? Get your favorite photo from the vacation and turn it into a memory that will last forever. Or, collect a few of your favorite photos and turn your wall into a collage of the best moments of your trip.

We love what this family did below! The image was taken from our Living Room Art Inspiration Pinterest board.



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Our Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall is officially here, and it’s time to start pulling out your Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holiday decor! Decorating for fall doesn’t need to feel like a big scary task, especially if you want to use your decorations from now through the end of the year. Today, we’re going to give you our favorite tips for choosing fall decor for your home.

Our Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

Color Palette

To really make a shift from the long summer days, you need to pay close attention to your color palette. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you need to change your entire home. Just pick a few fall colors that you love, and then try to include these colors when you are choosing items for your home.

Are you stumped for where to even start with color palettes? One good way to get a large number of ideas is by going onto Pinterest and looking for “fall color palettes“. You will have a huge assortment and varieties.

When you’re looking at the palettes, take some time to think about what colors would compliment the colors you already have in your home. For example, if you have dark hardwood floors, you can include similar browns into your palette. Or, if you have some green hues, like in the palette below, you can play with colors that compliment it well.


Start with Your Entry Way

There’s no better way to welcome friends into your home with a beautifully decorated entry way. This is really easy, especially if you are planning on having pumpkins out for Halloween. Include a fall wreath. Don’t forget to base the colors of your wreath off of the color palette you’ve chosen.

You can also include lanterns, pumpkins, haystacks, corn stalks, pine cones, and other seasonal decorations.

Take a look at this door below. We love what they have done!


Seasonal Foods

Fall is the perfect time of year for a couple of seasonal food – especially pumpkins, corn, and squash. The best part about these foods is that you can actually use them as decoration!

Take a look at these tables below and you can get an idea of how to incorporate these foods into table center pieces, and more!



For more awesome ideas and home decorating inspiration, be sure to follow our Fall Decorations Pinterest board! All of the photos above were taken from our Pinterest board, and we’re hoping

 If you’ve taken fall photographs and want to include a custom canvas for your home, be sure to visit!


How to Dress Up a Drab Room with Canvas Prints

Decorating a home is always a big task, especially if the room has dull colors. At CanvasWorld we take great care in how canvas prints light up a room. Today, we are going to give you our favorite ideas how a canvas can really dress up a drab room.


How to Dress Up a Drab Room with Canvas Prints

Collage Prints

Have you ever taken a series of photos that when you look at all of them, they tell a real story? Creating a collage out of canvas prints is a great way to decorate a room. Sharing that story will add a new element that the room never had before.

Even if you don’t necessarily have a series of photos, you can always put together your favorite photos that have a similar theme, say for example, sunsets, or cityscapes.  Either way, a series of pictures to create a collage will bring brightness and really liven up your room.

Take a look at this collage below. We love this! The colors complement each other well, the spacing is perfect, and it looks great against the white background.

collage canvas print

Photo taken from our Hang & Display Pinterest board.



Don’t be afraid of colors! Colors can truly brighten up a room. When you look at your room, get an idea of what your ideal color palette would be. You don’t want to chose contrasting colors! Pick two colors that would really lighten up the room.

Take a look at this canvas below. If this room only had a white desk, white chair, and white walls, it would be really boring! But, by adding a vibrant blue and pink canvas with a complementary chair, the room has completely transformed!

color canvas print


Photo taken from our Workspace Inspiration Pinterest board.



Also, don’t be afraid of greyscale. Black and white photos can be really powerful. If you have beautiful black and white photographs of your kids, or say, from your wedding, these would be great ideas to turn into canvases for your home.

Look at these wedding canvases below. We love how the black and white compliments the grey and blue tones for a really vintage look.


Photo taken from Bedrooms Ideas Pinterest board.