Give a Memory this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about telling someone you love them – your parents, your wife, your husband, your kids, and even your friends! At CanvasWorld, we specialize in helping you create memories that will last forever in your home.

So this Valentine’s Day, why not give a memory?

Give a Memory this Valentine's Day

Give a Memory this Valentine’s Day

Personalized gifts are the best way to show your loved ones how much you truly care about them. Did you recently get married? Are you having a wedding anniversary? Did you take amazing photos on your honeymoon? Or maybe even you had your first child!

There is always an occasion that you can turn into the perfect memory. You can use family portraits, engagement or wedding photos, memorable vacation shots and much more into beautiful canvas prints for your home.

Plus, did you know that you can turn your Instagram photo into a canvas?

Give a Memory this Valentine's Day


Give a Memory this Valentine's Day

Not sure how to make a canvas print? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Upload a photo.
  2. Choose your canvas size and picture placement.
  3. Place your order and your custom canvas will be on it’s way to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day from CanvasWorld!

Holiday Gift Ideas 2013

As the holidays are quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re giving your family and friends for the holidays! Here at CanvasWorld, we love to change the entire look and feel of a room. Afterall, that’s what we do best!

The other thing that we really love is helping you give awesome gifts to your friends and family that are really personal. So today, we’re going to help you with a few canvas gift ideas.

canvasworld holidays

Holiday Gift Ideas 2013

The holidays are about sharing memories with your loved ones and what a better way than creating a custom canvas? Custom canvases can be anything that you imagine! Below are some of our favorite ideas.

Wedding Canvases

Did someone you know recently get married? Why not take one of their best photos and turn them into a beautiful canvas that they can include in their bedroom, office or living room. Here’s a great shot below. We love this because it brings such a personal touch to your home.

Take a look at the image below. The image was taken from our Workspace Inspiration Pinterest board.



 Photos of Your Kids

If someone you love just had a baby, then you know that this first moments with the baby are precious. Take some of the baby’s first photos and turn them into a canvas. Parents love these gifts because these

The image was taken from our Nursery Ideas Pinterest board.



Family Shots

Did your family take a vacation this year? Get your favorite photo from the vacation and turn it into a memory that will last forever. Or, collect a few of your favorite photos and turn your wall into a collage of the best moments of your trip.

We love what this family did below! The image was taken from our Living Room Art Inspiration Pinterest board.



To learn more, visit us at!

Our Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall is officially here, and it’s time to start pulling out your Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holiday decor! Decorating for fall doesn’t need to feel like a big scary task, especially if you want to use your decorations from now through the end of the year. Today, we’re going to give you our favorite tips for choosing fall decor for your home.

Our Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

Color Palette

To really make a shift from the long summer days, you need to pay close attention to your color palette. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you need to change your entire home. Just pick a few fall colors that you love, and then try to include these colors when you are choosing items for your home.

Are you stumped for where to even start with color palettes? One good way to get a large number of ideas is by going onto Pinterest and looking for “fall color palettes“. You will have a huge assortment and varieties.

When you’re looking at the palettes, take some time to think about what colors would compliment the colors you already have in your home. For example, if you have dark hardwood floors, you can include similar browns into your palette. Or, if you have some green hues, like in the palette below, you can play with colors that compliment it well.


Start with Your Entry Way

There’s no better way to welcome friends into your home with a beautifully decorated entry way. This is really easy, especially if you are planning on having pumpkins out for Halloween. Include a fall wreath. Don’t forget to base the colors of your wreath off of the color palette you’ve chosen.

You can also include lanterns, pumpkins, haystacks, corn stalks, pine cones, and other seasonal decorations.

Take a look at this door below. We love what they have done!


Seasonal Foods

Fall is the perfect time of year for a couple of seasonal food – especially pumpkins, corn, and squash. The best part about these foods is that you can actually use them as decoration!

Take a look at these tables below and you can get an idea of how to incorporate these foods into table center pieces, and more!



For more awesome ideas and home decorating inspiration, be sure to follow our Fall Decorations Pinterest board! All of the photos above were taken from our Pinterest board, and we’re hoping

 If you’ve taken fall photographs and want to include a custom canvas for your home, be sure to visit!


How to Dress Up a Drab Room with Canvas Prints

Decorating a home is always a big task, especially if the room has dull colors. At CanvasWorld we take great care in how canvas prints light up a room. Today, we are going to give you our favorite ideas how a canvas can really dress up a drab room.


How to Dress Up a Drab Room with Canvas Prints

Collage Prints

Have you ever taken a series of photos that when you look at all of them, they tell a real story? Creating a collage out of canvas prints is a great way to decorate a room. Sharing that story will add a new element that the room never had before.

Even if you don’t necessarily have a series of photos, you can always put together your favorite photos that have a similar theme, say for example, sunsets, or cityscapes.  Either way, a series of pictures to create a collage will bring brightness and really liven up your room.

Take a look at this collage below. We love this! The colors complement each other well, the spacing is perfect, and it looks great against the white background.

collage canvas print

Photo taken from our Hang & Display Pinterest board.



Don’t be afraid of colors! Colors can truly brighten up a room. When you look at your room, get an idea of what your ideal color palette would be. You don’t want to chose contrasting colors! Pick two colors that would really lighten up the room.

Take a look at this canvas below. If this room only had a white desk, white chair, and white walls, it would be really boring! But, by adding a vibrant blue and pink canvas with a complementary chair, the room has completely transformed!

color canvas print


Photo taken from our Workspace Inspiration Pinterest board.



Also, don’t be afraid of greyscale. Black and white photos can be really powerful. If you have beautiful black and white photographs of your kids, or say, from your wedding, these would be great ideas to turn into canvases for your home.

Look at these wedding canvases below. We love how the black and white compliments the grey and blue tones for a really vintage look.


Photo taken from Bedrooms Ideas Pinterest board.


DIY Tips for Finding the Perfect Place to Hang Your Canvas Print

Most of us have hung a picture a time or two and we all know it’s not all that difficult, but there are some special considerations to account for to ensure the perfect wall display placement of canvas prints.

DIY Tips for Finding the Perfect Place to Hang your Canvas Print

DIY Tips for Finding the Perfect Place to Hang Your Canvas Print

First of all, take into account the size of the print and don’t place a small canvas on a large bare wall and conversely try not to hang a large print on a small wall.

Next, if you so choose you can use photo inspiration to match your color palette within the print to your decorating motif and wall color scheme.

Try to line up the print with a door or window in order to accentuate the basic lines of the room, if this is not possible then try to hang the canvas print at eye level (around 57 inches from the floor).

Now, to calculate the exact spot where you want to hang the print. Place your print against the wall in your preferred location and make a small pencil mark on the wall at the very top and center of the print. When you turn your canvas over you will see the hanging mechanism, now measure the distance from the top of the canvas frame to the hanging tab then mark that distance on the wall below the previous mark that you made while holding up the canvas print in position on the wall.

Now you are ready to secure your hanging device on the wall (nail, screw or other hanging implement). Next, place the print on the wall and stand back to make sure it is level (adjust as needed). If you have multiple prints, grouping pictures can be a unique way of displaying them. Grouping photos can almost tell a story, so don’t be afraid to place other pictures on either side. By following these simple tips you will be guaranteed to get the most satisfaction from your canvas print.

Ideas for Taking Pictures Suitable for Canvas

Ideas for Taking Pictures Suitable for Canvas

So you may not be Ansel Adams, but anyone can take impressive shots with a camera (whether amateur or professional). Nowadays with the ease of using a digital camera it adds so much convenience to our everyday lives. All you have to do is upload it to the photo site, select any options that you want for your canvas print and voila homemade art work that looks professional (and probably has more meaning too)!

Eiffel Tower


Photo taken from Pinterest!


No longer do you have to dust off the old 35mm, take enough shots to fill up the 24 roll exposure film and then take it down to the local print processing center and wait for the turnaround service of an hour photo development before you get to see the finished product of your photography work. Thank goodness for modern day conveniences, right?

So here are just a few ideas to get you started on creating a one of a kind masterpiece.

  1. First off, get inspired. Find an object, person or place that sparks something inside you, something that you could envision having on your wall as artwork adorning the walls of your home sweet home.
  2. Draw the eye into the picture by using a main focal point in the photo.
  3. Present a sense of layers and depth. For example if something is in the foreground of the photograph it conveys a sense of dimension within the photo.
  4. Frame your shots: An archway is an example of telling a story through architecture. Or include some foliage in the foreground of a shot to convey a sense of nature and being outdoors.
  5. Use perspective in the shot you take. An instance of this is shooting from up high and looking down at the subject that you want to capture.
  6. Another element to consider in photography is that you don’t always have to fill the entire frame of the photo with the subject, sometimes it is what you leave out of the image that makes it that more special.
  7. Don’t make the image too busy. If you have too many points of interest it leaves the print feeling more complicated than what it needs to be.
  8. Color is your friend, use it to your advantage and play off it.

Canvas prints can add a finishing touch to any space. Even if you only use a few of the above photography tips you will be sure to have a masterpiece to feature on your wall for years to come.

Happy photographing!

Special Ways to Preserve Baby’s First Milestones

Special Ways to Preserve Baby’s First Milestones

Babies; one of the most photographed subjects in the world (and probably some of the cutest too)! It seems like once your precious little one arrives you want to capture every moment either on film or by picture. With so many great picture taking opportunities it’s difficult to just pick one or two to showcase on a canvas print. No matter if you are a professional or amateur photographer, you too can create a special art masterpiece to cherish forever.

Baby Canvas

Believe it or not, some parents go an entire lifetime without taking a picture of their child. Preserve those precious early moments in your child’s life by capturing them in print. Perhaps you now find yourself as a one of those digital camera wielding parents continuously snapping one shot after another and quickly accumulating a massive library of pictures. There are many opportunities to photograph baby by doing document shots of the first bath, first time meeting family members, the first smile, all of the fun firsts (and a few of the not so fun ones too). Or perhaps it’s more of a ‘portrait’ type shot that you are after rather than shots based around activities. Some of the best advice to share with you is to try different angles in your shots. Get down on their level, by doing so you are able to capture more of their world rather than looking down on baby from above. One other tip to try is to not be afraid of trying different positions when photographing baby. From tummy time to snapping a picture over the shoulder of someone holding baby, the options are endless.

Whether as a gift or something for yourself, a canvas print of baby is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Turn a special baby moment into gallery quality art with a unique one of a kind canvas print and it will be sure to create a lasting treasure for year’s-to-come.

Ideas for Creating the Perfect Wall Art Display

Ideas for Creating the Perfect Wall Art Display


You don’t have to create a gallery per say but you can create a single piece of art or multiple ones to make a lasting impression on any wall. With a canvas medium, photography seems more like a type of oil painting and many people enjoy this style. Canvas prints are fast becoming a very popular mainstream way to present a photograph since they are much cheaper than traditional framing and other photo mounting methods. Just about anyone can take a picture and print it.

Photo Tips


Photo taken from Pinterest. If you’re looking for more photo tips, take a look at our Photo Tips board.

What sets apart the good pictures are its quality, style and of course color contrast. The first thing one notice’s in a picture is the brightest spot, or the element with the highest contrast. After that the eye then wanders to the other pieces of the picture. A good picture is the one which attracts the viewers’ eyes, making them forget about the outside world. Whether it’s a stock image or personalized with your own photographs a canvas print is a great way to command attention on any wall.

You do have a few choices in determining what type of canvas prints fit your style. From identical sizes to varying canvas print sizes, either way you go you have the ability to put your own design stamp on things. Whether it is a family photo wall or a scenic wall, black and white vs. color, or a combination of framed art and canvas prints the options are endless. There are a multitude of sizes and many creative options to make your art work display one of a kind. Decorative objects (such as a personally designed canvas print) have more sentimental value than something you would purchase at a design store (and probably costs a lot less too)! Just remember you don’t always have to hang photos on the wall. Arrangements can be beautifully displayed on a piece of furniture and layered with other items such as candles or books.

Whether it’s landscapes or cities, family or animals your canvas print collection is sure to capture any space. Canvas prints are a great way to bring stylish solutions to any space.  You too can have a professional-looking gallery wall that makes a personal statement in your home or office.

The Trend Of Frameless Canvas Art & Prints Explodes

The Trend Of Frameless Canvas Art & Prints Explodes

As times change, people’s tastes in art also change accordingly. If you had the chance to visit an art gallery recently or perhaps take an interest in canvas prints, you may have noticed a new trend. The new canvas prints don’t require framing, and are able to give a so-called floating vibe. This is a must have in the global chic era. The frameless canvas was created in part due to the economy dropping over the past years, and in part due to people’s thirst of a different kind of simplicity in displayed art. Modern society values art, but also values money, and the frameless canvas are the perfect way of combining the two. By skipping the frames, the overall costs drop significantly.

These somewhat futuristic wall hangings offer a more raw texture, which feels richer, adding to the dramatic effect of the finished product. At, images of your choice can be generated from high quality scans and then printed in museum quality on the canvas.

Before ordering your print from CanvasWorld, make sure it’s customized as to fit your needs, as well as the room it will be displayed in. You can choose to layer different textures and patterns, to achieve a unique look. The canvas can then be hung directly on a wall in your home, providing a versatile alternative to the framed work.

Due to the absence of the frame, the finished product is lightweight, with the color as intense and durable as the traditional framed art. All the subtle undertones and shades will be kept intact. Neutral shades are a good idea for a kitchen or bathroom painting. A living room or hallway can feature a sharp, intense canvas print.

The frameless art trend supports the minimalist lifestyle that has become so popular in recent years. While people might argue the quality of the art itself, the more abstract prints are specifically designed to be kept unframed.

The prices for frameless canvas art vary, depending on both quality and design. From CanvasWorld, you can purchase your new print for about $60 or less, thus this type of print being ideal for young couples looking to decorate their new home for less.

5 Things To Look For When Ordering Canvas Prints

5 Things To Look For When Ordering Canvas Prints

The day will come when you want your favorite piece of art printed and on display on in your home or office. Canvas prints provide an unmatched richness and texture in a time where everything is done digitally. The results, when done properly, are impressive, and offer a dramatic touch to an otherwise plain room. A print can the feeling of an entire room, making it appear smaller or more spacious.

Choosing the right company to help you in your task plays a crucial part. It is generally best if you already know what to look for. You don’t need to be a canvas expert, as long as you take into account a few things.

  1. The canvas type. Out of several types of canvas, the linen is the more expensive one, while the cotton on the cheaper side. You may think you are saving some money, but when a print doesn’t last because of cheap materials, you will wind up paying more in the long run.  CanvasWorld only uses linen canvas, but at cotton prices.
  1. Room Type & Size: If you plan on displaying your canvas in the kitchen, the feeling will be dramatically different than the one used in a bedroom. Beside the obviously different color palette, make sure to measure the room before you place your order, especially when ordering online. The room’s width and length play a significant factor. The proportions of the canvas should match the desired wall space.
  1. Ink Type: Stay away from any cheap ink that will not match the art or photograph you want to have printed. Remember, you are producing something you want to last a long time.  CanvasWorld uses latex inks to provide rich and impressive color.  Our inks are virtually odorless making our canvases desirable for any sensitive indoor environment from your family room to a baby’s nursery.
  1. Wall Structure: If the wall is massive and empty, you can go all out and order a big, eye-catching canvas. It will focus the attention on the print and make a statement. In an opposite case, refrain from getting a huge print. A small wall will look better when displaying a more modest piece.
  1. Don’t Forget Shipping: Of course it will cost more to ship a bigger canvas piece than the small prints.  Make sure you consider this in your budget, but more importantly is considering how the piece will be shipped.  You don’t want to risk damage-in-transit because of a “free shipping” option. If the provider offers free shipping, double check to ensure no hidden fees are added to the total cost.

Keeping these tips in mind, and rest assured you will end up with the perfect canvas print – the one you always dreamed of.